3 Laws of Abundance

Like the air that we breathe, wealth consciousness is free to all. The Law of abundance is an ageless principle within universal laws. It’s the simple fact that there is an unlimited Source of everything you could ever want or need. You can access it when you understand and practice these 3 laws of abundance

3 laws of abundance
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  1. The Source of Abundance is infinite
    • If someone has more, it doesn’t mean that we will have less and vice versa, therefore envy is unnecessary.
    • There is more than enough of what we want & need; Even if there is a limited supply of what we want at the moment, if we focus on what we want, take action and be patient, we will eventually find a way to have it or what we want will find it’s way to us.
    • What if what we wanted, were like the grain of sand on a beach or like a leaf on a “money tree” in a lush evergreen forest? When we give from a state of mind of abundance, giving feels easy.
  2. Whatever you want to receive, Start by Giving……. for Example
    • When you show interest in other people People will show interest in you
    • If you want respect you must first show other people respect
    • If you want love or appreciation; you give your love to everyone that you meet
    • If you want to generate wealth then figure out how to generate wealth for others – one way to activate abundance in yourself is through noticing what you already have and be grateful for it…like your health, your ability to read this, etc. Appreciation is the doorway to abundance consciousness. What are 3 things you appreciate in your life right now?
  3. Money is an exchange of values…How you spend your money reflects your values
    • Look at the value within you and others and the flowing exchange of this value between people
    • Stay away from spending money on things that harm you or others in any way
    • Do not influence anyone to buy anything that really won’t serve them in the end

Do unto others as you would have done unto you

The golden rule

Money on its’s own is nothing…it’s just paper. What we value is the meaning of what we buy with it. Money represents a person’s internal value but not the person’s entire value. The part of the internal value that reflects on the outside as money when practiced or exercised is called abundance consciousness.

Whether we develop it or not is a choice.

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