Auto Tube Review. Make Money On YouTube Making Comments!

What is Auto Tube?

Auto Tube is a cloud base software APP that is tool to drive traffic and sales to you tube video campaigns, website and blogs etc.

You can make money making comments on you tube because essentially you can use your YouTube page as a sales funnel to boost leads, sales and buyers. Just by leaving a comment!

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How it Works

In other words, by leavin your link in other peoples comments, you can also increase user engagement….

BUT do it in a nice way not in a spammy way

  1. Don’t Do Spamming If you do spamming your account will be closed so be careful just do comments slowly..
  2. You need to create at least one youtube channel for commenting, if you have no chance just create new channel that is very basic step which we showed you on video

If you are not careful this software app can be more of a con than a pro

Pros and Cons


>Your brand can look like spam if you just leave your affiliate link in the comment section

Make sure everything is proper setup and don’t do spamming if you do you account will be suspended we are not guarantee any thing so be careful

> There image editor used to make thumbnails sucks


> This makes researching your competitors alot more easier

YouTube comments are a valuable currency for businesses marketing on the site.

this allows you to promote your Channel for more views

How Much does it Cost

View Demo Video Here:

5 YouTube Comment Tricks for Growing Your Channel

Make Money On YouTube Making Comments!

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