Change Your Belief For Ever!

You are lying,
You are not that cat,
You’re a Lion,
Do you believe that!?

You are constantly creating your reality through your beliefs and the thoughts that you hold.

Life sucks when you KNOW that you’re a lion but you are acting like a cat. Sometimes it Feels Like a lie to get that dream job when you are just a cashier at a gas station or to talk to that gorgeous girl when you think you are not good enough. We all go through this sometimes and it’s frustrating but you can change that.

You can change your beliefs forever! 

I know that is a bold statement. Believing that you can change your beliefs forever can feel like a lie but think about how many times we already lie to ourselves!

  • For instance, you may believe you’ll never make a lot of money because there is never enough and there is never enough to go around., business is boring 
  • maybe you struggled in school growing up so you didn’t feel you’re not smart enough or worthy of success
  • maybe you believe you are a failure.
  • maybe you believe you’re not talented
  • maybe you believe you can’t be trusted with responsibility
  • maybe you had a bad experience with a type of business, bank or financial advisor and you decided you can’t trust them
  • maybe be you believe NO ONE appreciates you or listens to you

Make a list of negative beliefs you may have. Consider that they are lies you told yourself; it’s limiting your true potential.


” It ain’t what you know that gets you into trouble …It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so”

Mark twain

What you know for sure that just ain’t so is called your limiting beliefs. Sometimes people sabotage their own success by having these limiting beliefs.


You have to change limiting negative beliefs  into positive focused outcomes, like “I’m as good as…” and ” I can do that!”

How to Believe You are Not a Cat when you are Really a LION

This will start feeling uncomfortable,It feels like a lie because you are telling yourself one thing but really believing another, you will be having two conflicting beliefs at the same time. To get rid of this uncomfortable feeling:

  1. Look for and build up evidence to support your new belief which will get rid of old limiting belief.
  2. Look back on the day you formed old limiting belief as kid or whenever and see how you can tell a positive story that explains the situation. You might believe  “I work long hours to be rich” because that’s how you saw your Dad do it.. But now think “ I’m trading value for money, not time.
  3. Put your subconscious to work!  Ask yourself questions around the belief you want change before bed and when you wake up. Instead of asking” why am I so fat?” ask yourself “how can I be healthy and happy with my body/”…This focuses on what you want rather than want you do not want.Your brain will scan for solutions and you will come with an answer.
  4. Use logic…ask yourself “Is this belief constructive?”..then break down why it is or is not constructive so you can clarify why this belief must go. This new conclusions gives you the power to choose a new belief as easily as flipping to a new channel with a remote. So you can boldly affirm that  the old belief is illogical and will be replaced with a new constructive belief.
  5. Visualization is a powerful technique … visualize the old belief is behind you.Pretend for 5 to 10 minutes that your new belief  is true. Imagine different reaction when old beliefs pop up.
  6. Forgive yourself, you will slip in into your old defaulted negative limiting beliefs at times. When this happens, focus on parts of your life that’s already successful

The moment you choose to change your belief the process has begun and you have already succeeded. You must renew your mind and set a new mental default setting to your beliefs! Only reacting negatively, in the same old way, using the same old default setting to the same old beliefs can hold you back.


Action steps:

  • Plan ahead. Choose a combinations of the above techniques to change your old default setting to change your beliefs for ever!
  • Also, set a daily intention to believe differently

What will you do when old belief pop up?

Comment below if this has been helpful to you.LIVE 4 LOVE!