Fuck “Law of Attraction” Take action, Fail Foward and Go Hard…(How to Make Real Money Online!)

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Thinking is a form of procrasitation ….thinking about stuff is not doing stuff


Don’t get me wrong, the law of attraction is a positive tool BUT thoughts, prayers & a positive attitude alone won’t get you that 6 figure income

Law of Attraction is basically using your thoughts and beliefs to get what you want but the greatest misconception in the manifestation, law of attraction community is that you just have to think positive and magically you’ll get that high ticket lifestyle.

I know it’s stupid but when I first started my affiliate marketing journey I thought that way too; And to that, I only have one thing to say :

Fuck “Law of Attraction” Take action, Fail Foward and Go Hard!

Faith means that you have to take deliberate steps to get your desired income or outcome of your goal; every single day and here’s the kicker….it may take years to perfect your skills.

If you are a ‘get rich quick’ type of person this is not good news but here’s a winning formula: Practice, fail, practice, fail, practice, succeed = failing forward …get it?

In a nutshell, ‘failing forward’ means to never give up until you succeed; and to ‘go hard’ means to have some balls, to be scared and still take action anyway. #courage

Check out how “action leads to motivation” in the video by Struthless below:

How to Make Real Money Online?…Don’t be like ‘those guys’

Here is why ‘those guys’ fail to make real money online:

  • those guys are not willing to do the work (this is the BIGGEST reason)
  • those guys are jealous of other people’s success
  • those guys fall for the shiny object syndrome & get rich quick schemes
  • those guys are not patient
  • those guys are afraid of success or failure
  • those guys quit and never get back on the horse
  • those guys are not willing to invest in learning their craft
  • those guys are not teachable
  • those guys are fragmented, inconsistent or undisciplined

If you are one of those guys, you are going to fail.

It’s that simple.

Miles Becker breaks down “a misconception that may be holding you back from success” in this 5 minute video below:

How to Use Failures To Succeed

Failing forward is a winning formula. All our lives we are trained to think failure is a bad thing. Think of failures and problems as a tool to understand what you want. However, as soon as you know what you want, forget the problem and try to figure out a way to get your mind off the failure or problem and focus on the solution.

Bite size action plan after each failure:

  • Access and accept the situation. No one is saying to be emotionally constipated but It doesn’t make sense to moan and groan about it forever. At a certain point you have to move on
  • Ask for help. Google is free. Ask a mentor, pray, or ask yourself for help through meditation or journal
  • Ask yourself “what do I want?” Then set an achievable daily goal.
  • As soon as you set a goal, forget about the goal and do what it takes to get it by taking action.
  • Focus your thoughts on what you want and NOT what you don’t want.” Keep your eyes on the Prize

Thinking positively is encouraging especially when you have failed. Here is where law of attraction, a positive attitude, thoughts & prayers play a powerful role in moving forward after you’ve fallen.

You can’t focus on what you want if your attention is what always has been and you can’t focus on what you want if your attention is on what THEY want for you

wayne dyer

The currency to get what we want is your thoughts …”as you think so is he” – The Bible

Shift away from your negative thoughts… “as you think so shall you be” – Proverbs 23:7

Practical Steps to Take

The reason you are not maifesesting is your refusal to :

  1. give up old beliefs
    • refusal to give up old limiting beliefs is why people are stuck in the way they used to be eg. I am awkward, I am shy or I suck
    • giving up limiting old beliefs is facing your fears by confronting your darkest inner demons that have been stopping you.
    • transcend your old reality and build a new “I am destined for success” identity, you can do not create a life of your dreams with your old self
  2. Sacrifice
    • refusal to sacrifice the things that are blocking you from getting what you want (Netflix when you should be getting rest, socializing too much ) you know what they are
  3. Allocate time
    • refusal to allocate time to take advantage of resources like google or a book or a course to get what you want & refusal to take the time to implement advice
    • not taking action
  4. Define your life purpose Click Here To Access A Free E-Book on how to discover your life purpose
    • discover who you are by asking the why behind the why. For example,I Why do want a relationship? because I feel useless? why do I feel useless? etc keep asking why until you reduce the question to an answer that feel right you
    • discover what you value by noticing what you do on your days off
    • discover what are your strengths are by acknowledging compliments you get from people or if you know ask someone what they think
    • what you want out of life?,,,it a stepping stone
    • how can I fulfill this desire
  5. Take action
    • Devise a plan and act upon it. EVERY SINGLE DAY
    • The question is are you willing to do what it takes?
    • Are you willling to take a baby step today?\
    • Are you willing to shift from problem-oriented to solution-oriented?

If not, that is why you are not manifesting what you want

Here is a great resource to combine manifestation and Real Action:

[Free PDF] Think And Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill


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  • Great post, I love the videos embedded, they’re entertaining and hit the spot.
    I believe that the advice of doing one thing, the same thing every day rather than a different thing every day is fantastic.

    • Yes, that part really hit home too, it’s how I’m able to be more focused now and it was really important for me to share that faith, manifestation, and law of attraction means taking action. Every Single Day. Thank you so much. that was an amazing comment!