GET RID OF MENTAL SLAVERY! (July 4th Business Tip from My Son’s Experience)

The Power of Resolve & What July 4th can mean for your Personal Freedom

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Did you know that the Fourth of July is not the day we won our freedom?

Fourth of July has nothing to do with the date really …its deeper than that.

We celebrate when we SAID we were winners, not when we won the war.

On the fourth of July, we celebrate the day of the DECLARATION of independence.

We can learn from this !!🙏

This means there’s power in our resolve!

Our founding fathers taught us that there is power in our word.

“Every obstacle yields to stern resolve.” -Leonardo da Vinci

I enjoy smoking occasionally and I have a girlfriend that smoked a pack cigarettes everyday for 11 years and stopped cold turkey. Astonished, I asked her how she managed not to relapse. She said “ making the decision was hard but once I decided to do it , it was easy as 1,2,3”

If you follow our founding father’s example and do these 3 things, You will emancipate yourself from mental slavery too :

  1. Declare freedom
  2. Stay committed to your word
  3. Allow for space for inspired action :

“Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.”

― Thomas Jefferson

The Best part is:

To gain our personal freedom, we don’t need anyone else to Cooperate with our decision we’ve made for ourselves. No one can tell us what to think. It really isn’t anyone’s business what we want for our lives!

My friend was right. I have seen this first hand with all 3 of my children. I am a mother of 2 boys and 1 girl. Let me tell you a true story that proved to me that If you do 1 and 2, number 3 will come to you easily.

Sons: Jazz and Roman (looking at the camera)

My eldest son Roman had a terrible lisp, he had 10 years of speech therapy. One day we noticed it was gone!

Roman didn’t declare or announce to anyone “I’m going to work on my lisp”. Up to this day, I can not tell you when my son ‘made up his mind’ and resolved to heal himself but he did it !

What I can recall, is him occasionally asking me “ Mom does this sound right?”. What’s even more astonishing, is that when he began to speak clearly, he didn’t celebrate his accomplishment like July fourth fireworks. He didn’t run up and down the street bursting with joy like he’d won a million dollar lottery ticket.

You know why?

It was none of our business what he wanted for himself. His healing and his freedom from the affliction of his SEVERE lisp, was quite simply HIS business.

It was his personal quiet resolve and declaration that cured him and he took the steps HE was inspired to take to make it happen. To him it’s was easy as 1,2,3.

Was it a miracle?

Maybe, and if you think it is, what’s stopping you from creating miracles for your self?

I’ll tell you. You ARE!


  • We Can celebrate July 4th everyday, through resolutions to solutions that really matters to us or others.
  • You can sleep tonight knowing that you have the power to wake up with personal freedom to take a stand in your life that makes a difference.

“weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.” — psalm 30:5.

Where can you make a difference?

Start making a difference by being your best self, the best you know how by starting small. Take baby steps.

Start asking yourself :

  • What small resolve will I commit to, that can really make a difference in my life. That may be a stand to organizing your night stand! lol
  • or What small way can I take a stand in someones life?”. A huge success if you’ve been feeling depressed can be to take your dog for a walk and Smiling at someone passing by.

The declaration of Independence lives in all of us.

This is the time to declare who you are!

Alexander Hamilton said:

(1) If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

(2) Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.

(3) When you stand for nothing, you fall for everything.

So take a Stand today, It can be as easy as 1,2,3 !

My Sons and I : Jazz(in the front), Roman(middle)

Fun Fact:

My son Jazz’s Middle name is “Monroe”. Named after one our founding fathers James Monroe, who helped bar slavery in North and West Missouri.

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