How to Rank YouTube Videos In 2021 (4 NEW Strategies)

The common questions in the search bar on how to get rank youtube videos in 2021 are “how to rank my videos” and ” youtube SEO” but they ALL said the same thing:


This common advice is good but doesn’t always work.

Here are 4 new strategies that actually work:

Your click-through rate is the percentage of people that see your video in the search results and click on it. you tube pays alot of attention to your click-through rate and if lots of people click on your video, your youtube video will get a rankings boost. How?

  1. Use [brackets] and (parenthesis) in your video title
    • Studies show you can get a 3rd more clicks just by adding [brackets] and (parenthesis) to the end of your title. That because the text in your brackets gives the viewers a sneak preview into your video
  2. Increase Engagement Signals. These are things like comments, shares, likes, and subscribes. The engagement signal strongly correlates with rankings on youtube. The more engagement your signals you get the higher your videos will rank. How?
    • Ask your Viewers to answer a multiple-choice question. Saying things like ” lemme know what you think of this video in the comments” is not that effective because
    • people love giving opinions but they hate thinking which makes commenting way too hard. Instead, ask questions that are super easy to answer like
      • “which techniques from this video are you going to try first”
      • “Are you going to try using [brackets] and (parenthesis) in your video title?
  3. Give people are reason to want people to subscribe to your Channel. For Example, instead of saying “please subscribe to my channel’ say
    • “make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on my future videos” or
    • ” The more subscribers we get the better and more content I can continue making, subscribe, subscribe, subscribe”
  4. Embed your Videos! Studies show that rankings on video are closely tied to videos that link or embed. That makes sense because when on platforms use the more viewers click on your link.
    • You can embed your youtube videos on social media, press releases and guest posts.
    • The easiest way to do this is to embed your youtube videos on your website like this for instance

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