How to Stop Jealousy and Get What They Have

If someone has more, it doesn’t mean that we will have less and vice versa, therefore envy is unnecessary.

from the 3 laws of abundance

The reason jealousy is so dangerous is that there is an undercurrent limiting belief that somehow their success and good fortune are robbing you of yours. You are robbing yourself by living your life in the conflict of the way abundance works.

There is no limit to your happiness, houses, renovations to a kitchen or designer clothes.

When you see people with what you want you should be happy because it means you can make a choice to do what it takes to get it..See it as a sign that it’s possible to have what they have because it exists.

What one man can do, another can do.

How to Stop Jealousy and Get What They Have

  1. Think of names of people you envy and write their names assign 2 pages to them
    • step 1 write the good quality you see in them
    • step 2 integrate those qualities in your life
    • now with this golden nugget of information, not only do you see more clearly the beauty of others you can see how can use those positive attributes to improve yourself….if your willing to work for it.
    • If you are not willing to do the work it takes to achieve what they have…then why be jealous. This takes patience and If you think you can’t do it check out my blog on limiting beliefs here
  2. Praise your own damn self and others every time you see something good.
    • Do this every single time you notice it at first. Its a good way to train yourself and others to continue doing good around you.
    • This trains you to see the good in others and see the positive aspect
    • Instead of focusing on faults let’s focus on when people do good. This works so well in parenting because it encourages more good behavior…many people only call more attention to people doing something wrong.
    • Rejoicing and praising yourself and others build self-esteem.
  3. Ask them how they got what they have
    • Asking them or googling the tips on how to get what you admire in others stops jealousy because slowly you get the know-how to integrate it into yourself and get the characteristics you were so jealous of.
    • When you genuinely want to know how to improve yourself and ask for help or advice, people can feel that authenticity and are more likely to share tips with you because it’s a great ego boost, an honor and a privilege to share
  4. Realize that people that SEEM to have it all may be going through suffering.
  • You may have a bicycle and want their corvette … but they may have inherited it through a loved one who died. Do you want a loved one to die to get that Fancy Car?
  • You may be single and are jealous of a relationship. Do you know for sure that couple is as happy as you think they are?

I’m not saying to rejoice in their suffering but rather, to be grateful for what you already have or own and have serenity in your life. You don’t know what people are going through to get what they have. Using these steps can help you not only understand people but also become a better person because…

The grass is not always greener on the other side.

So water your OWN damn

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This is me talking about the 3 laws of abundance.