Maeve Review- Can You Make 1k a Day with Google Ads?

(pronounced MAVE) -A tutorial on how to make money online through Google’s discovery ads

Can you Make 1k a Day with Maeve?

Professional 5 and 6 figure marketers had this to say:

Maybe in a year if you are a beginner and within weeks if you are Experienced.

You need a big budget for paid ads as you can lose money very easily if you’re not careful.

You need a good budget so that you get enough data to make decisions about scaling your ads. Especially doing a high ticket strategy.

You can start small with Maeve though.

What is Maeve?

Maeve is a Tutorial on how to make money online through Google’s discovery ads

Everyone uses Google. It has 3 billion global reaches across google feeds.
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What are Discovery ads?

2 years ago, Google announced a new format called Discovery ads to enhance the shopping experience of the customer using Native advertising’ through a thing called “searcher intent”.

Customer Intent signals are Google’s Powerful knowledge of the reason why people are searching. Discovery Ads use Native Advertising to do this.

What is Native Advertising?

It’s sort of like a Camelliion Advertisement

Native advertising is like comoflaging the use of paid ads that match the look, feel and function of the media format in which they appear.

Native ads are often found in social media feeds, or as recommended content on a web page. Unlike display ads or banner ads, native ads don’t really look like ads. They look like part of the editorial flow of the page. The key to native advertising is that it is non-disruptive – it exposes the reader to advertising content without sticking out like a sore thumb


Here are more examples of what it looks like

How do Google Discovery ads work?

Thanks to Google’s audience and customer intent signals, this campaign type helps you deliver highly visual, inspiring personalized ad experiences to people who are ready to discover and engage with your brand — all through a single Google Ads campaign.

Suupport . google. com

Here is an example of what Discovery ads are like

What’s the catch?

You need a lot of money to test Ads. CPC (cost per click) Can cost you $1000s of dollars

In Maeve, They give away a keyword resource sheet that works if you are in the Make Money Online (MMO) Niche

A lot of the keywords are competitive so it might cost you a lot more CPC

A successful Marketing Friend who made 50k in the last 12months selling high ticket products told me :

“You need a big budget for paid ads as you can lose money very easily if you’re not careful.
You need a good budget so that you get enough data to make decisions about scaling your ads. Especially doing a high ticket strategy. You can start small with Maeve though.”

So since this is already available to people… why buy Maeve?

You can start with a low budget  of $5- $20 and Kaf teaches you how through Maeve and as a bonus they give you a way to start with &100 for free with google voucher as a bonus.

Who is Kaf?

Kaf is the instructor of this Maeve course and vendor. She is a part of the Digital Dames trio which includes Paula and Nanda

This Product Maeve is by Jono Amstrong who is the Mentor of these digital Dames.

I was one of Jono Armstrong students too but I left  and you can see why here

I bought Jono Armstrong High ticket course called Ministry of freedom (or MOF) last year for $1497 & found out some shady stuff, and you will be asked to join his webinar in the member’s section of Maeve

So see what you MUST know before buying the course in my FULL written Ministry of Freedom Review here

I met these 3 girls through MOF and they are the best things that came out of that course
What I don’t like about the Sales Page is that it teaches shady tactics taught by MOF as shown in this video like this

Fake timers
Fake looking screenshots

These girls make real money as experience marketers though and they show you how they do it in the member’s area…see Demo Video Below

This is a simple illustration of how they made money

Maeve reveals a secret hack that will allow you to harness the power of email with zero email list, the magic of YouTube without creating any video and also the mighty force of Google Discover without writing any content…

Digital Dames

The problem with this funnel below is that it does not include an opt-in page to create an email list. However, as you become experienced you will discover with an email list you can develop a great relationship with your audience.

However, if you’re just starting off Maeve is a great way to get your feet wet

The way Google ad works is that it goes through 

  • Ad ( which they teach you how to set up and what to sell)
  • Then a bonus page ( which they teach how make)
  • then to a sales page
  • Which you will get through Warrior Plus ,which is a digital product platform to make money which may or may not happen

You will be approved more easily to get an affiliate link for the products you want to sell by mentioning you bought Maeve or the Digital Dames. Maeve Shows you how to get approved for Products like these

Demo Video

I suggest you look at both positive and negative reviews of all the products they suggest you promote in the Bonus I give Below
I vouch for their past product Golden Stash which I reviewed because its about flipping domain names which is a tried and true concept

Final Thought and Bonus

To be honest I’ve never run a google Ad before but every marketer I know and met through the high ticket course I bought says it takes thousands of dollars to budget with and test things with.

Nanda made over 1k selling MOF in 9 days as an experienced marketer

Kaf started from scratch and made 4O something dollars from scatch to simulate what a beginner would make in 5 days

If you are new at this I won’t suggest buying an upgrade until you know for sure that FE works and you can get a 3 dollar discount See my Maeve review to see How to Do this.


So my Major bonus tip as a newbie is to research what CPC (cost per click) with info I gave you above because it can be expensive

When you pay for ads I want you to consider that you may break even

🚩If Kaf made $45 in 5 days and you spent $5 – $10 dollars a day that’s a $20 profit or a $5 loss.

It’s kinda risky if you don’t know what you are doing but play around with it.

If you still choose to get it, make sure you do research on the products they are giving you to promote as seen below in the pros and cons TweetX review of products you were asked to sell

✔ Check out the $100 voucher in the Bonus section of Maeve and see if it works for you

…it could be fun.

Just know that you cant have a successful business overnight ….you have to think of a long term plan to build a real business not just promote Warrior plus product ….you can see the example of a product that they tell you to promote on warrior plus is Tweetx

TweetX …( and I quote from Phillip Barrowman) “ can get you Twitter account band faster than you can fart “ hahaha but I hear from MOF mentor 6 figure Marc Gray it’s a chrome extension and works just fine.


✔My free bonus to you is an example of the pros and cons review of products you were asked to sell:

Negative Review

Positive Review

In the end, you can see experienced Marketers talk about their success …Brian who did a testimonial in Maeve, made 5Ok in 12 months after 4 years of experience

Overall I’ll give this product a 7 out of 10 Rating
Because it’s a proven system that works but promotes shady products with the course except for Golden Stash by the Digital Dames. You can see a link to my review here

But these ladies are LOVELY … as Kaf likes to say:)

Customer Service

The digital Dames answer back in the support ticket right away not like people like Brandon mace products who I’ve had complaints about; The digital dames have exceptional customer service and support


If you had any problems with the Digital Dame’s product or Jono Armstrong  please let me know in the comments

But also

Let me know if you had a good experience with buying from these vendors in the past

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