Ministry of Freedom Review. STOP! This is Why it Sucked for me

There is alot of BS that people will try to sell you if you don’t know what you are doing.

Ministry of Freedom is legit but it sucked for me because I wasn’t consistent. This was my mistake, the moment I started making money I stopped working.

I bought MOF for $1497 (which you can finance monthly) because I didn’t know Anything about affiliate marketing.

MOF is an affiliate marketing program with online training like how to create Software reviews and products PLUS Lots of How To Make Money Online Training!

One of the most valuable fudamental things they taught me was how to pick valuable products AND how to get an affiliate link. Like this, get your discounted MOF progam here:)

Ministry of Freedom Honest Review

Pros and Cons


You don’t get that $100 they promised you in that webinar for responding, which sucks. That was just a white lie to make sure you are paying attention.

The webinar is a bit misleading about how fast you can make five figure digits for an average newbie .

This is a more of realistic view of earnings you can make in a day,(a screen shot of MOF facebook friend:)



Newbies have made money in the first week

I made money in my first month

You get Face to face How To Make Money Online Training from Millionaires and Six figure coaches 3 times a week

The CEO & Founder of MOF, Jono Armstrong gives a live zoom Every week to answer any questions….here is video about Jono

MOF has An awesome private Facebook support group of over 3.7k members to help support and answer any questions you may have.

The reponse to questions from MOF support managers are quick and informative.

MOF coaches and managers reach out to vendors to get your affiliate links appoved within 24 hours!

MOF gives you inscentive to make your money back that you spent on the course by including your affliate lnk to their massive email list on products Millionare and founder Jono Armsrtong is promoting.

This is called a rotator. It helps drives your sales up because of the free traffic sent to your affiliate link.

 Rotators are a way of getting results for new members by rewarding action with free almost guaranteed traffic. This is a great way to pay off or part of your investment of Ministry of Freedom from the Rotators.

(Full Paid Members)

– Rotators, 2 x Types:

Type 1(once off for Newbies) – 100% free Traffic on the whole funnel for new Ministry of Freedom Members.

• Type 2(first 90 days from Joining MOF).

– Launch Jacking with YouTube Videos – on or off camera.

– List Building & Email Marketing.

– Guaranteed Affiliate Link Approval on JV Zoo, Warrior Plus and More.

– Software Product Development & Launching.

– Software Research and Resources.

– Software, Equipment & Tools required – Free & minimal investments e.g    Autoresponder.

Plus they offer $5000 on top of your refund IF you promise and prove you have given the program a fair chance.


This review is geared towards broke newbies. People who really don’t have alot of money but they need concentrated education. MOF provides ways to get your money back and teaches how to start with little or no money.

You can split the cost of MOF in monthly payments…however,


Or if you have money set aside to invest. I suggest you get this for a quicker return. MOF teaches you smart ways to invest in paid ads

I can’t speak much on this because I haven’t tried the paid traffic yet.

but this is a MOF member who has and this is an awesome teacher on MOF

Check them out. They are both t shirt wearing, 5 & 6 figure making affiliate masters that can tell you about paid traffic.

Is it worth it?

Yes and No. Yes if you are committed and consistently do exactly what they tell you to do. No, if your lazy and inconsistent. You have to take action on a consistent basis, meaning action done in the same way over time and ask for support when you need it.

Although people have made four figures in the first week that’s not likely to happen for you without prior training.

This is not a get rich quick scam program. If you are a broke newbie desperate for money expecting quick results FORGET IT!

Don’t buy this

For broke newbies, it’s basically a $2000 launch jacking course and although I’ve made money doing it, if you don’t like launch jacking method you’re stuck. However as seen below, Marc Gray a MOF coach taught me how to not promote B.S and if you are willing to do 1-3 launches a day you will succeed!

Jaja Requa’s comment on Ministry of freedom Facebook group about launch jacking

Thank you for reading my honest Ministry Of Freedom Review

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