Ministry of Freedom Review :(why I left this program)

This is a revised blog of my “ministry of freedom – why it sucked for me ” review because my opinions have changed. My opinions are based on my personal own experience and research.

I never recommend poor quality products or create false reviews to make sales. New Ministry of Freedom students are encouraged to do that and that is why I left and took down every review I later found to be false and started a new YouTube Channel

There is a lot of BS that people will try to sell you if you don’t know what you are doing

If you are a broke newbie desperate for money expecting quick results FORGET IT!

Don’t buy this

It’s basically a $2000 launch jacking course; if you don’t like Launch jacking method… you’re stuck.

Ken Furukawa goes over what launch jacking here

“Learn what Launch Jacking is, how it works, why it’s great for beginners, the pitfalls beginners encounter, and more.” – ken.

I left MINISTRY OF FREEDOM and I am starting a new channel “Jaja Requa ” here


1) I found out that a lot of product Jono Amstrong promotes and associates with like Brandon Mace sell crappy products and have horrible customer service…I have experience customers asking me to help them get their money back and I couldn’t.

2)As a beginner, the Ministry of Freedom advised me to buy subscribers and views now I have to completely abandon this channel and my old ways because youtube will not monetize these shady tactics

3) People deserve a fair chance to succeed and learn from my mistakes AND I wanted to give you something of value that is honest. There are pros to this program I’ll get into below

Although I can make over $1k selling this course to you …

I refuse

There is a lot of BS that people will try to sell you if you don’t know what you are doing.

They are vendors that sell to the long term buisness mindset crowd which is different than people who sell to ‘get rich quick’ opprtunity seekers crowd. Brandon Mace is one of them.There are other’s like Mosh Bari, Jason Fulton etc but I am singling him out because heard alot of bad stuff about them but he is the only one I personally ran into problems with

This is Brandon Mace…he literally says he exaggerates the truth. In this video he explains why he sell gets rich quick crap over and over:

Ministry of Freedom is legit you can make money the way it’s taught. They are not doing anything wrong. They are selling cheap shit like a 99 cents store. ..What he is saying it what advertisers do BUT his ethics are way off.

He will rip you off and he doesn’t give a crap because it’s what people want to hear.

Imagine having a friend or anyone you care about in your life like that?

The question is Do you want to do it that way?

If you agree with him, the Ministry of freedom is right up your alley. Many people agree with him in the comment and I personally think this is sad.

Do you think you have to tell people what they want to hear to make sales?

That is total BULLSHIT!

You don’t have to lie to people to make sales many people don’t.

They are many people in 3rd world countries that make $20-50 weeks wage buying into this lie of a dream. How do they sleep at night?

Who cares right?


I don’t know about you but that is just not t my style….it’s lying to people for money!

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It sucked for me because I wasn’t consistent but my personal flaw worked out for me. I’m glad I wasn’t consistent because I hated the crappy sales products I was encouraged to promote.

What if I sold tons of crappy product to people?…How could I sleep at night.

Why are they telling beginners they can make $100-$200 in a day within a week without a Ton of experience?

Worst of all, why did I believe it?!

Here is my why….. I was desperate to help my mother and not be in a physical place to earn money

I bought MOF for $1497 because I didn’t know Jack shit about affiliate marketing. With expenses to run a business, this course cost me around $2000 or more.

Since I already spent over $2000 (including expenses to run your business) I would say the best way for me to take advantage of this course is to associate myself with honest people I’ve met within the MOF course because it’s too late to get my money back!

Marc Gray is the best MOF coach that taught me how to NOT promote B.S…if you are a MOF member go to his calls on Tues at 11am

Since I left the Ministry of freedom, I haven’t found a product worth promoting yet and I am completely changing my style that is more aligned with my values.

Jaja Requa’s comment on the Ministry of freedom Facebook group about launch jacking

One of the most valuable fundamental things they taught me was how to how to get an affiliate link and how to set up a website and youtube channel which you can do for free.

Pros and Cons


The products that they tell you to promote are mostly crappy. You really have to do your research and see if there are any case studies behind the products you are encouraged to sell.

You don’t get that $100 they promised you in that webinar for responding, which sucks. That was just a white lie to make sure you are paying attention.

The webinar is misleading about how fast you can make five-figure digits for an average newbie.

This is a more of a realistic view of earnings you can make in a day,(a screenshot of MOF Facebook friend:)


Pros (& some of my Pros come with Cons)

Best of all you get review access to some of the upcoming and past launches

However, most of these review access are crappy products

Plus they offer $5000 on top of your refund IF you promise and prove you have given the program a fair chance…HA! …good LUCK. I hear many people have a hard time getting their refund

MOF coaches and managers reach out to vendors to get your affiliate links approved within 24 hours but you really take a good look at what you want to sell people…Make sure it’s not a bag of shit with fake case studies.

MOF gives you an incentive to make your money back that you spent on the course by including your affiliate links to their massive email list on products Millionaire and founder Jono Armstrong is promoting. (BUT a lot of the things you are promoting are crappy warrior plus and JV Zoo products)

This is called a rotator. It helps drives your sales up because of the free traffic sent to your affiliate link. This is how the rotator works

(Full Paid Members)

– Rotators, 2 x Types:

Type 1(once off for Newbies) – 100% free Traffic on the whole funnel for new Ministry of Freedom Members.

• Type 2(first 90 days from Joining MOF).

– Launch Jacking with YouTube Videos – on or off camera.

– List Building & Email Marketing.

– Guaranteed Affiliate Link Approval on JV Zoo, Warrior Plus and More.

– Software Product Development & Launching.

– Software Research and Resources.

– Software, Equipment & Tools required – Free & minimal investments e.g    Autoresponder.


MOF is geared towards broke newbies.. MOF provides ways to get your money back and teaches how to start with little or no money BUT This is a completely overpriced program

IF YOU are RICH Or if you have money set aside to invest. MOF teaches you ways to invest in paid ads I can’t speak much on this because I haven’t tried the paid traffic.

Is it worth it?

For me weirdly enough YES. I would not know half the things I know now if it wasn’t for this course. For me I see MOF as the Bad boys of affiliate marketing, they lie, cheat and steal (that refund promise) But I really think they are trying to help people earn money…they really don’t think anything is wrong with selling people the dream.

As twisted as that sounds, like going through a divorce, I learned more about myself and how I wanted to do business. ….I didn’t know jack shit about affiliate marketing now I know a lot and met many really good people within the MOF Facebook group.

Trust me, If I didn’t mind the way Brandon Mace and Jono Armstrong are making money, I’d be swimming in cash !….but doing it that way is not my style!

Is it worth it?

Yes and No.

Yes if you don’t mind ripping people off and are committed and consistently do exactly what they tell you to do and you love launch Jacking.

No, if you are lazy and inconsistent and think you really can get 10k in 22 days with anything you do online as a beginner.

People are really making that kind of money but it takes time, you have to take action on a consistent basis, meaning action done in the same way over time and ask for support when you need it.

Think of the Olympics

No Pot Belly Man gets 6 pack abs in a Day:)

You MUST train to be in the Olympics, you think can make it to the Olympics without prior training?….LOL…Good LUCK!

Although people have made four figures in the first week that’s not likely to happen for you without prior training.

Although people have made four figures in the first week that’s not likely to happen for you without prior training.

If you are a broke newbie desperate for money expecting quick results FORGET IT!

Don’t buy this

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