My story

My Name is Janelle but Everyone calls me Jaja which translates as haha in spanish lol.

Hi, Im Jaja. When Covid-19 hit, My Husband and I lost our jobs and our children had to stay home from school. At first, since we all didn’t like our jobs we were overjoyed that we got a new chance to start our lives over doing what we wanted to do.

The Government was paying us in unemployment more than we earned plus a $600 a week stimulus check! In addition, ALL our major bills agreed to be suspended because of the carona pandemic. In away it was like Christmas …we had income and hardly any expenses

So what did we do?

Saved our money and invested in make money online programs. I invested in a program called Ministry of Freedom learning about Affiliate Marketing because I love sales and My husband learned about DayTrading and was successful in making $100 and more in less than 20 minutes!

I was getting jealous of him because I on the other hand struggled to make money online because of one reason. I was inconsistent but He went to work at home treating this like a job EVERY. SINGLE. DAY

The one time I was consistent I saw money trickling in.

so What is this website about?

In a nut shell:

My mission is to show you different tips and tricks in affiliate marketing that I have picked up all the way to help you make money. Since affiliate marketing is about selling products, I review products here geared towards how to make money on this blog on my YouTube Channel

The Ministry of Freedom affiliate marketing program helped me make a living online. It cost about $1500 but it’s worth it only if you heed my advice on the mistakes I’ve made!

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But You don’t need to buy anything to get started Learning about Earning Financial Freedom.


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With My daughter And 2 Sons. My Pride and Joy…”Appreciation is true wealth” – Jaja Requa🙂

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