Recognize shiny objects from the product sales page to save you time and money

If a sales page checks 5 of these items you are probably looking at a “shiny object”

Shiny Object Checklist

  • Screenshots Showing Profits
    • Does the sales page show sales that are not backed up with any purpose other than hyping the product?
  • Is it selling a lifestyle rather than a product or service?

You’ll see emotional triggers like:

-quit your 9 to 5

-make passive income and spend more time with your family

-live life on your own terms

All of this is a warning sign

  • Fake Countdown Timers

Does the page have a countdown timer that resets when you refresh the page?

Does the warning of a sales increase only result in adding a few pennies to the sales price?

  • Are There Income Guarantees or Guaranteed Results?

Guarantees may revolve around:

-guaranteed sales

-guaranteed traffic

Check the wording carefully, no legitimate product will guarantee results. They have no way of knowing how much work you will put in following their system.

  • Unrealistic Claims About The Product

It’s often said there is nothing new under the sun. Does the product claim to be:

-the first of it’s kind

-a never before seen method

  • Photos of Luxury Items

Is the vendor using lifestyle luxury items to distract you?


-vacation resorts

-luxury cars

-Rolex watches

  • Do the Same Testimonials Appear On Previous Products

A quick google search of the product vendor will show other product releases.

-Look on sites like Muncheye and WarriorPlus

Are they using the same testimonial on other products with the same wording?

Are they using testimonials from other vendors that are “part of the club”?

  • Check The Proof Of Income

Are the same proofs used on other products?

Are they using the same screenshots?

Does the income just sound unrealistic?

  • Is the Product Creator A Serial Product Launcher?

Check site like Muncheye to see how often they release products

-Are they releasing products monthly or every few weeks?

-Can they provide product support with their release schedule?

-Are they releasing nearly identical products just rebranded with a few extra features?

Use Your Common Sense

  • Do You Have Previous Experience With the Vendor?

Have you had tech support issues or refund issues?

Search YouTube for negative reviews. Ignore the reviews offering bonuses to just get the affiliate purchase.

  • Never Buy One-Time Fee Platforms

Never pay one-time fees for the following items:

-email autoresponders

-webinar software

-web hosting providers

-video hosting

These tools require maintenance, upgrades and support that can never be financed by a one-time fee.

  • Don’t Justify The Pricing

Although the initial investment may be small you will go through a funnel with a lot of upsells to get the full potential of the product.

-in addition to money you are making an investment in time

-you are also losing productivity if the item will distract you from your main focus

  • Don’t Be Fooled By The Sales Page

A sales page is full of hype designed to make the product look better and easier than it really is.

-watch out for the 3 step solutions

-avoid the products that say no website, no list, no paid ads, free traffic

-watch out when it says no experience needed or perfect for newbies

I’m not gonna lie, there is a lot of scammers and bullshit out there. That is partly why I created this site; to help separate the real from the fake.

Jaja Requa