“…creating mutual value for sellers and buyers. A win-win customer-focused process, driven by honesty and sincerityIntegrity Selling’ by Ron Willingham

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How i made $800 in one day

You can use this technique to add your aff link to sell a product. If people are inspired they will buy.
There is a lot of BS that people will try to sell you if you don’t know what you are doing.
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The Lazy Way – Its fun to live by a lake:)

Teach Your Family- I cant wait to show my mother how to this!
OK…I like it and I Don’t Like This – Here’s Why
CLASSIC- I love familiar statergies to make money
Atime Save -I personally like to write my own original content but I can see how this is useful
Haha This was My First YouTube Review I’ve Ever Made!


With my son here:) 3:48 This is about Solo Ads –

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